El Alamein

Tourist Attractions

A town located on the Mediterranean Sea, 240 kilometers away from Cairo, with a local population of 7,397 as of 2007. The town became famous for the first time during World War II, after the First and Second battles of El-Alamein in July and October 1942, respectively.
El-Alamein has its own War Museum, which features collectibles from “the civil war” and other North African battles.
The town also contains multiple war cemeteries for Germany, Italy (mausoleum containing 5.200 tombs), Greek, and the Commonwealth of Nations. The Commonwealth War Cemetery features the graves of soldiers from various countries who fought on the Allied side, with 6,425 identified Commonwealth service personnel, 815 unidentified ones, besides 102 of other nationalities.

An up-scale gated-community resort town on the North Coast of Egypt, spread over 24 kilometers, 300 kilometers away from Cairo. It’s one of the most famous local tourism attractions in the country.
It contains a lot of Romanian remains. The Egyptian government had plans to convert the nearby Taposiris Magna (the suspected burial place of Cleopatra and Mark Antony) into a museum.

Sidi Abdel Rahman
Is a town and city-to-be on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s famous for an exquisitely beautiful beach and outstanding weather. Sidi Abdel Rahman features large up-scale resorts and hotels, where DJ Bob Sinclair performed in 2008.
It’s also located near the site of the famous Battle of El-Alamein in World War II. The nearby cemetery contains the remains of thousands of allied soldiers. It was also the site of the death of German Luftwaffe ace Hans-Joachim Marseille, who claimed an unrivaled total of 158 aircraft destroyed against the Allies.


What to do?

North Coast is famous for having a handful of high-end nightclubs, pool bars, and beach clubs.

Kids Activities
North Coast is not only a place for adults to have fun, it’s also a family destination where every member of the family can get to enjoy their time. The destination offers a wide variety of activities like Children Camps, Theme Parks, and Paintball Parks.

It’s an unmatched experience playing golf in 18-Hole Golf Course overlooking the shores of the great Mediterranean Sea. Visitors get to enjoy the amazing greenery landscapes along with the sunny weather and outstanding sea view.

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